per-word rates*
(3rd quarter 2019)

 ECO (slow) 

> 500
words per day

from € 0.06
per word


> 1200
words per day

from € 0.10
per word

minimum charge

No assignment is too small, but the minimum price per project is EUR 40.00 (minimum fee per individual translation assignment).


Save money on your already-translated content.

Simply mail me your original text and I will respond immediately with a quote—taking into account any repetitions and duplicate phrases.

Repetitions may occur in individual texts or in follow-up texts to projects previously translated for you, allowing me to take into account any text passages already existing in my text databases which I specifically generate for every customer.



Ask for a quote

Go to the Contact page.


There are three main factors that go into a quote for translation services:


  • text volume
    The translation cost is based on the number of words in the source text, i.e. the original text to be translated.*
  • type of text
    The rates vary depending on the complexity of the project:
    • a technical translation requires more research than a general text;
    • a rough information intended for internal use requires less polishing than publicly available web content or files for print publication;
    • and certain file formats are more time-consuming to work with than others.


  • urgency of the translation
    When scheduling my upcoming workload, I take into account an average output of about 1200–1800 words per day.
    Eco (slow)
    —up to 500 words per day
    —up to 1200 words per day
    —max. 2000 words per day


* If it is not possible to count the words and/or characters in the source text, price calculations are done based on the finished (translated) text.