General Terms and Conditions

§ 1
General Provisions

  1. These regulations define the terms and conditions for the provision of translation services and other language services by the company Studio De Arkadiusz Jasiński based in Bydgoszcz/Poland, ul. Bernarda Śliwińskiego 5/8, EU VAT Reg.No. PL5591317049, Comp. Reg.No. 365131110 (hereinafter: “Studio De”).
  2. By requesting a translation assignment or other language services from Studio De and consenting to pay for it, you hereby agree to accept the terms and conditions set forth in these regulations (General Terms and Conditions).
§ 2
Limitation of Liability

  1. No liability shall be incurred by Studio De for errors in any translation required by a date that precludes thorough checking and editing.
  2. Studio De shall not be liable for factual errors in the translation, if these result from errors in the source text.
  3. Studio De shall not be liable for delays and failures caused by circumstances beyond its reasonable control including, but not limited to force majeure events, power failures, malfunctioning or breakdown of the telecommunications infrastructure, etc.
  4. In so far as the law allows, Studio De shall not be liable for any loss of profits or contracts, loss of goodwill or other special, indirect or consequential loss or damages whether arising from negligence, breach of contract or any other reason or cause. Studio De’s liability connected with a translation assignment (or other language services) shall be limited to the amount invoiced to you for that assignment.
§ 3

  1. Studio De handles all customer information and documentation in the strictest confidence and protects the data with appropriate standards of security.
  2. A specific confidentiality agreement may be completed on request, before any documents are exchanged.
§ 4

  1. Generally, translations and other language services provided by Studio De are priced per word in the source text, i.e. the original text to be translated. Optional method: pricing based on standard line (1 line = 55 characters incl. spaces) or alternate methods, upon request.
  2. If it is not possible to count the words and/or characters in the source text, price calculations are done based on the finished (translated) text.
  3. Rates (the per-word/per-line price) are established for each project individually, depending on the following factors: the volume and the complexity of the text, the urgency of the task, special client requirements.
  4. All quoted prices exclude VAT (if applicable).
§ 5
Order Processing

  1. Following the receipt of your request you will receive a free and non-binding offer, with a detailed quote based on the provided material to be translated/verified and the project data submitted.
  2. Before Studio De starts working on the project, a confirmation in writing (a confirmatory email) will be requested. The lack of response within the aforementioned validity period of the offer will be considered a revocation of the order.
  3. The speed of delivery is dependent, amongst other things, on the expected complexity of the task and the quality of the original documents to be translated.
  4. Times stated for delivery by Studio De are bona fide estimates, which Studio De will use its reasonable best efforts to achieve. However, Studio De does not accept liability in the event of delivery being delayed due to circumstances beyond its control.
  5. Delivery can be arranged by email, file transfer protocol, courier or regular mail.
  6. Prices quoted will be exclusive of courier fees, which shall be at your cost.
§ 6

  1. You may cancel the assignment at any time.
  2. However, Studio De at its discretion will charge a sum equal to the proportion of the work completed at the point of cancellation, or some other compensatory sum. Studio De shall also charge you in full any fees charged by individual experts retained for a specific task.
  3. The work completed at the point of cancellation shall be available to you upon Studio De’s receipt of full and final settlement of all outstanding balances.
  4. Cancellation of the assignment does not have to be justified but must be declared in writing.
§ 7

  1. Full payment is expected within 30 (thirty) calendar days of the invoice date (unless other arrangements have been made in writing).
  2. Late payments may result in the addition of a service charge to all accounts outstanding beyond the due date.
§ 8
Applicable law and settlement of disputes

  1. These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Poland, without regard to its conflict of law provisions.
  2. Any dispute, controversy or claim arising in connection with these Terms and Conditions shall be settled by the court competent for the registered seat of Studio De, applying substantive Polish law.

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