The challenge

Despite the growing popularity of online marketing, print continues to be an effective and trusted form of marketing communication. In fact, instead of disappearing, printed catalogues have only gotten more creative and more elaborate.

null Dr. Hauschka’s booklets and brochures often include mini-brochures with sachet samples.




The Dr. Hauschka Magazine together with the brochure Cosmetics Culture—a comprehensive catalogue of Dr. Hauschka’s natural skin care & beauty products—are excellent examples of print designs that rely on captivating visual effects and beautiful typography. With a mix of narratives, photos and free product samples, the marketing materials of Dr. Hauschka provide consumers with unique and inspiring ways to connect with the brand on a sensory level.

In all these marketing materials, the product-specific information has been incorporated into promotional texts. Consequently, the marketing copy serves a dual purpose: on the one hand to sell and, on the other, to boost the brand image of the client.

My contribution was thus not limited to producing linguistically flawless translations. Rather, the appealing German content had to be transcreated, i.e. recreated and culturally adapted, so that the core marketing messages resonate well with the Polish-speaking readers.

In other words, my copywriting skills were also called upon.


null DE→PL transcreation of the Dr. Hauschka Magazine. Tools used: SDL Trados Studio 2019 (translation), Adobe InDesign® (page proof).




Working in
SDL Trados

The translation agency I was working with on this project requested I use the client’s own terminology database. The project manager sent me an SDL Trados package and provided me with login credentials for access to the SDL MultiTerm Server.

The project package included a translation memory database (TM) created from all the texts previously translated for this particular client.

When working on a new text, the software automatically provides reference points through previously translated fragments and sentences.

null After opening the received *.sdlppx file in SDL Trados Studio I was able to start working on the translation immediately, as all the resources and references were already included in the project package.




The results





null DE→PL transcreation of a comprehensive catalogue of Dr. Hauschka’s natural skin care & beauty products. Tools used: Adobe InDesign®, SDL Trados Studio 2019.





Content matters.

Give it every chance to succeed.




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