per-word rates*
(1st quarter 2019)

—translation of publications
—specialist/technical translation
—website and software localisation


< 4000 words

from € 0.10
per word



> 4000 words

from € 0.08
per word



* non-binding net prices

minimum charge

No assignment is too small, but the minimum price per project is EUR 40.00 (minimum fee per individual translation assignment).

There are three main factors that go into a quote for translation services:

  1. text volume
    The translation cost is based on the number of words in the source text, i.e. the original text to be translated.*
  2. type of text
    The rates vary depending on the complexity of the project. Whereas marketing texts will typically allow for more creativity, the technical ones may require time-consuming research in order to ensure a correct and high quality translation.
  3. urgency of the translation
    The requested delivery date is also an important cost factor. Please consider that my daily productivity thresholds for translation work are as follows:  
    Standard translation
    —up to 1800 words per day
    Express (50% surcharge)
    —max. 3000 words per day


* If it is not possible to count the words and/or characters in the source text, price calculations are done based on the finished (translated) text.


When translating large-volume projects, technical texts etc. I offer the following discounts for matches from the client’s TM:

CMs (101%)     word count × 0
Repetitions     word count × 0.2
Cross-file Reps     word count × 0.2
100% Matches     word count × 0.2
95–99%     word count × 0.5
85–94%     word count × 0.5
75–84%     word count × 1
50–74%     word count × 1
No Matches     word count × 1
    word count